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Family Bridge strives to provide the highest quality care to your family members with our team of dedicated and knowledgeable nursing staff, helping to maintain their health and wellness in the comfort of their own home.

Please review the programs listed below. 


Skilled Nursing Services (SNS)


For individuals needing nursing services.

Such as:

  • Wound care with vacuum assisted therapy. 

  • Medication administration, education and management.

  • Administering of IV drugs.

  • Tube feeding. 

  • Monitoring of vitals, including blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc.


Personal Support Services (PSS or PSSX)

Providing individuals with assistance with activities of daily living.

  • Bathing & grooming assistance.

  • Meal preparations and/or assistance with feeding.

  • Light housekeeping.

  • Transportation. 

  • Accompany to doctor's visits & other appointments.


Community Living Support (CLS)


Service that provides support in the individual's private residence.

  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living.

  • Community engagement activities.

  • Medication reminders.

  • Encourage independence.

  • Communication building.


Community Residential Alternative (CRA)

Are available to individuals who require intense levels of residential support in small group settings of four or fewer or in host home/life-sharing arrangements. Services include a range of interventions that focus on training and support in one or more of the following areas:

  • ​Eating and Drinking.

  • Toileting, Personal Grooming, Health Care, and Dressing.

  • Development of Communication Skills.

  • Development of Interpersonal Skills.

  • Mobility.

  • Home Management and Use of Leisure Time. 


Community Access Individual (CAI)

Assist individuals obtain and maintain socialization and adaptation skills to help them independently function outside of the home.

  • Development of Interpersonal Skills.

  • Personal shopping.

  • Money Management.

  • Community interaction.


Specialized Medical Equipment (SME)

Help provide equipment for those with physician orders, to assist with daily functions:

  • Hoyer lifts/Stand-Up lifts.

  • Wheelchairs/Walkers.

  • Hospital beds.

  • Gait belts.

  • Oxygen machines.

  • Ventilators & Respiratory supplies, etc.


Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS)

For individuals approved for Medical Supplies.

  • Adult incontinence products. 

  • Gauze dressing/bandages.

  • Sterilization supplies.

  • Specialized latex gloves. 

Background checks

Background Check

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