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Back Down Memory Lane

In honor of Senior Appreciation day, August 21, 2022, Family Bridge decided it would be great to host a celebration of our own for the Seniors who we interact with and even the ones we don't within the community. The event happened Tuesday, August 23, 2022, we hosted bingo games, had a playlist featuring some of the greatest hits from the 70s & 80s, gave away raffle prizes, had lunch where we passed around questions asking the elders to share memories from their younger days, and finished the day with a delicious turn table cake. Family Bridge is committed to making the lives of our elders as memorable as possible, being able to listen to the memories shared and seeing the smiles it brought it people's faces is what we strive to do everyday at Family Bridge. Special shout out to Mother of Gold Shea Butter and Jen Care for coming out to support our event, everybody had a great time!


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